About Hypnotic  Who, what, where and why. Here’s the lowdown on our company.

Raw is Powerful
If you like your audio raw, unfiltered, and from the street, then Hypnotic is here to deliver what you need. Only the best music captures the highs and lows of human experience. And we offer only the best  speakers, subwoofers, equalizers, accessories, and components to make sure that the message of your sound is unadulterated.

No Room for Fakes
In your world there’s no room for fakes. That’s why Our Technical Support Team field tests all of our products, tweaks what’s necessary, and gets your feedback for our next product roll-outs. Hypnotic knows your music is the soundtrack of your life. That’s why we stand behind our name to deliver only the best in mind-blowing audio.

Audio Is Life
Hypnotic is big enough for same day shipping and quick turn around at your favorite dealer, but small enough to make sure our quality and customer assistance never suffers. The raw power of the music is the same power that gives life. Make sure you have a company like Hypnotic who knows that.